Responsibility - Travel CO2 neutral!

In Hesse based, at home in the world…

We carry the responsibility. 

First and foremost for our guests on board of the Deluxe liners, but also for our staff,

their families and children. We ultimately carry responsibility through our actions for traffic participants, the economy clout of our country and of course for the environment as well.


Every undertaking has a risk attached, you can never foreclose that. However there are possibilties to lower risks. For example through regular training for our chauffeurs and stewardess. Our entire fleet gets regular check ups solely in manufacturer certified authorized workshops. 

That saves work places and cares for national economy clout.


On board of our Deluxe liners you get served several dishes and drinks. 

We hand porcelain tableware, with the coresponding glassware and WMF cutlery to every meal.

Because single-use doesn’t have a future.Therefore we even quit single-use solutions in cleaning supplies and are in that downright forerunner in the bus segment.


The whole GIGABus fleet is equipped with the progressive exhaust norm euro 6.

Due to the sanitation of our fleet, fulfilled in 2017, 100% of our Deluxe liners have the, to present day, best exhaust technology according to the EU exhaust norm Euro VI. Because of that we don’t have any problems with upcoming driving bans. That allows us to continuously head towards and visit any German and European city.That lowers added import charges in Paris, Florence, Rome and many other cities. That saves our customers hard cash. 

Come on board and travel more environmentally friendly than by car, ship or plane.

As you can see we take our responsibility serious and try to act the best in any case.

Infinite flexibility and application possibilities - for our customers and the environment!