“Can't be done, doesn't exist.”

This motto describes our lived-by philosophy. We set it our goal to get you to your destination without fail and absolute ease. In doing that we pay particular attention to fulfil and even exceed your expectations and wishes. Our Bistrolounge liner, Business liner, Shuttle liner and Vans convince with exquisite gastronomy, magnificent entertainment and the most comfortable high end armchairs. 

Of course we care a lot about the environment. Therefore 100% of our coaches today are equipped with the highest end exhaust technology Euro 6. Our chauffeurs are trained in fuel saving driving and our dispatchers always try their best to arrange as little empty trips as possible.

In our board restaurants, of the so called GIGALounge, we abandoned plastic tableware and only serve on porcelain and all drinks in the fitting glassware. We therefore also only use returnable/reusable bottles on board of our Deluxe liners. For the environment.